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Who Is Home Health Care Available To?

Jul 29, 2016 by Anonymous

Sometimes the need for dedicated home health support may arise out of nowhere. At other times, the slow progression of a condition serves as a predictor of specialty care services needed. Home health care is available to new parents, the temporarily disabled, and those with chronic conditions.

Non-skilled and skilled care available

Personalized care is available to all patients with a need for care. Skilled professionals offer basic care support for those who need assistance with transportation, cleaning, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, grooming, and inconvenience issues and other basic needs. Skilled care professionals are entrusted with providing advanced care to patients. They can assist with administering medication or supervising physical therapy requirements for patients. Skilled care is generally covered by Medicare while non-skilled care is often covered through private insurance.

Who is home health care support available to?

Elderly patients may not be able to drive independently, so home health care professionals can tend to errands like picking up the dry cleaning or handling the grocery shopping for the person. Home health care may be required for those who have seen a physician who has recommended a specific plan of care for the patient. The involved, and often advanced form of care requires a higher level of training and expertise than a family member could provide. As a result, a home health care agency may be required to offer that level of care.

Individuals with disabilities may require this level of care. Those with mobility needs may require assistance getting around or completing chores around the home. Physical disability support could entail supervision of physical therapy exercises as a part of the care plan to help the person regain strength.

People who are in the process of transitioning from a hospital to a home rely on home health care professionals to assist with tasks like surgical wound care. They may be required to oversee injections or provide training to patients that they may be able to self-administer their own injections. Patients may need monitoring and status report information sent to the supervising physician periodically.

All people who require home health care services typically fall into the category of temporarily disabled, partially disabled, or otherwise limited in what they can do for themselves without assistance. Any potentially debilitating condition or change in health could be managed a Fort Lauderdale based business who specializes in home health care.

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