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Why Is Home Health Care Important

Jul 29, 2016 by Anonymous

Home health care is important for many different reasons. The saying, "home is where the heart is", is true and we believe a home is the best place to provide necessary health care for our patients.


Our patient's comfort is our primary priority. When individuals are in a familiar setting and surrounded by people and items they are familiar with, people are more comfortable and pleasant. They are less afraid to receive treatment in their home than they are receiving treatment in a facility. When patients are calm and relaxed, our in-home health care providers can get more done in a timely manner.

Financial Matters

In-home health care is less expensive than health care that is provided in a facility. In today's society, according to homehealth4america.org, every 13 seconds, one or more American turns 65 years old. Many senior citizens are forced to come out of retirement because their household expenses are becoming more expensive to maintain. With health costs being as high as they are and steadily increasing, many senior citizens cannot afford to pay for housing and the cost of medical care. In-home health care is a more affordable and convenient option for many of our patients.

Safety and Security

In-home health care is safer and more secure than a treatment facility. Health care that is received in the home is not only safer, but a lot healthier. Many times, when a patient receives care in a facility, they are surrounded by sick people. While all illnesses and diseases are not contagious, for those that are, people can catch the disease unknowingly and are sent home after treatment. This causes the disease to spread from the carrier, into the home and into their community, causing other people to become ill.

In-home health care prevents the risk of expose to illness and diseases and security matters are enhanced. A person can secure their home any way they would like, whereas a facility has limited or minimum security.

Improved Quality of Care

We provide our patients with one-on-one care that has proven to be an effective method of better and higher quality care. When care is given within a facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, there is often one nurse or certified nursing assistant assigned to more than three or four patients at once, making it difficult to attend to the needs of each individual. With in-home care, our nurses and CNAs can tend to their patients individually and give their undivided attention to their needs.

These instances make in-home health care essential for persons who require these services. At Comfort Keepers, our staff is certified and dedicated to providing the high quality of care with a smile. When you're with us, you're not a patient, you’re family.

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