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What and Who is Hospice For?

Jul 29, 2016 by Anonymous

Hospice is a healthcare service available to patients who are facing the final stages of life. A team of medical professionals and counselors, work together to offer emotional support for the patient and the family during this time. The patients live out the final stages of their life in a home settings surrounded by a network of professionals capable of tending to the emotional, social and health needs of the person.

Why do people turn to hospice care?

It may be difficult to provide the emotional, spiritual and social components for the patient in a medical setting. The hospice offers a supervised medical setting and all of the other essential components necessary to provide a comfortable space for the patient. Around-the-clock access to quality medical attention, psychological counseling and other resources makes it a viable alternative for the home.

What kind of services do they offer in hospice?

A number of services are available to the family. A care team assigned to the family will consists of a physician to provide medical monitoring. A home health aid will provide the basic, non-medical support the patient may need. Home health aides also tend to medical care as well, offering speech language services, physical therapy, or other specialized support a person may need. Mobility needs are tended to in this setting as well. Wheelchairs, walkers or any other medical supplies such as catheters are available to the patient. Additional counseling services like grief and loss counseling or dietary counseling are also given to the patient.

Who is hospice for?

Hospice is for any patient with a life expectancy of six months or less. This option is offered when there are no alternative cure options available to the patient. Hospice care is recommended for patients who are in pain and require extensive care. Any family in need of support for a loved one in need of pain management and ongoing medical support may be eligible for this type of care.

What does Medicare cover?

Short term, inpatient medical care as well as continuous care are covered with the Medicare benefit. Medicare does provide some assistance for patients in need of this type of care. Patients may use their hospice Medicare benefit to help with the care costs. The benefit covers medical supplies, medical equipment, medication, physician care, and nursing assistance. Social services and counseling are also covered. Benefits may also be applied toward home health and home maker services as well.

Any patient that requires medical attention, social support and non-medical care with an illness may be eligible for hospice care. The option can be covered in part by Medicare. End-of-life care is available once a request is made by a referring physician. The waiting period for receiving access to such care is usually one or two days.

If someone you know is currently in hospice, make sure to visit Fort Lauderdale support groups to help cope.

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