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What Do Hospice Services Entail?

Jul 29, 2016 by Anonymous

The first hospice services began back in 1967. Since that time, workers have helped patients who are suffering at the end of their lives to pass peacefully and keep their pain at a controlled level. While hospice often gets tagged as a service that is for patient euthanizations, it's actually quite the contrary. We at Comfort Keepers will work with Hospice agencies to meet the family's care needs.

Hospice is a service that gives your friends or loved ones the choice to pass peacefully at home. Their services are geared to keep the patient comfortable and they do not provide curative treatment for a specific illness or disease. To be accepted hospice services, a physician must certify that the patient has six months or less to live and a verifiable terminal illness. Their nurses do a thorough admissions examination and admit the patient to the care of hospice doctors.

Hospice workers are with you and your family every step of the way. Sometimes, with the extra care, patients will improve and seem to be doing better; this is what is referred to as a "hospice halo." There have been patients who are removed from services because their diagnosis changes as they improve with hands-on treatment. Though this is not the typical case, it does happen.

Having the extra care that the Hospice team provides does make a difference. Their clinicians closely monitor the patients to make sure that they are staying within their accepted pain thresholds. The goal of their services is to make each patient as comfortable as possible, regardless of what medical issue they face. Their workers are thoroughly trained in how to see signals and signs from the body, even when the patient is unable to speak or communicate their needs.

Hospice serves body, mind, and spirit to provide comfort to both the patient and their family members. They offer guidance from a licensed social worker, medical team, and spiritual care professionals to assist in every part of the journey. Comfort Keepers can also provide emotional and moral support while the Hospice can advise on medications and procedures, the patients and their families make the final decisions on what care is accepted and what is not needed.

We at Comfort Keepers assist in giving our patients all the dignity and respect they deserve along with Hospice. At Hospice and Comfort Keepers never overstep our bounds and allow the family to help with the decision of their loved ones care plan. Comfort Keepers can help with companionship to your loved one so you can get a much needed break.

When utilizing Hospice services you not only have a medical team to assist, but you have a support system during this most difficult time. The decision to use hospice services is not an easy one. However, studies have shown that patients who have hospice services are able to have a better quality of life during their darkest hours than those who suffer alone. At Comfort Keepers we can assist End of Life Care by providing additional services. We offer light house cleaning, food preparation and laundry giving you extra time to spend with your loved one.

Knowing when to call for Hospice services is often a decision that is made by the treating physician and family members. The patient can be coherent and still have some quality of life to utilize their services. This journey is one that is difficult, but our goal is to be with you and make sure that your loved one has comfort and peace in their final days.

Comfort Keepers will also be available after a loved one's passing. We can be there for you to deal with the loss and help you with organizing personal items. Sometimes you just need someone to be there ..that's what we do.

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