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Ft Lauderdale Grief Support Groups

Jul 29, 2016 by Anonymous

The pain and grief of losing a loved one can seem insurmountable at times. Feelings of grief are incredibly difficult to deal with on one's own, and sometimes people can find it helpful to talk with other people going through the same exact thing. Here are just a few grief support groups that are available in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.

Life After Loss: Widows' Wellness Group:

This is a woman's group that specifically deals with the grief that comes as a result of the death of a spouse. It is run by Courtney Lancianese, who is a therapist specializing in family. It is located at Changing Forward, 1040 Bayview Dr, Suite 110. Sessions cost anywhere between $20-$40.

Family Grief and Loss Series:

This group focuses on a death in one's family. Per their description, "Together with family therapists, families can learn to honor their lost loved ones, as well as utilize the support of the family around them during the healing process." Run by family therapist Mishelle Ortiz-Velez, who has over six years of family counseling experience and believes "therapeutic relationships are based in respectful, transparent, and trustworthy interactions," it is located at Changing Forward, 1040 Bayview Dr, Suite 110.

Grief Recovery Group:

This group offers a helpful test to see if you're grief-stricken in their description: "Eating more often or completely losing your appetite; have a tough time concentrating or focusing on simple tasks; sleep more than usual or not sleep at all; tight chest or as if your heart has sunk into your stomach." This group launched in March of 2016 and focuses on general grief from the loss of a loved one or a relationship. It is run by family therapist Corinne E. Scholtz, PhD, who has over ten years of experience. Sessions cost $50-$60 and are located at The Center of Connected Living, 101 NE 3rd Ave, Suite 1500. The group visits every Saturday between 10am-11:30am.

Other Grief Groups in Broward County:

Bimonthly Women's Support group

This group focuses on women's issues relating to grief and the loss of loved ones. It is run by Dr. Maria Pandolfi. They meet every other Saturday in Plantation, FL. Sessions cost $80-$100. For more details, call (954)715-2565.

Bereaved Parents of Adult Children

By group leader Lisa Zucker's description, "Eight week structured therapeutic group with specific educational and therapeutic topics...Understand grief, work through many of the feelings you are experiencing, maintain a continuing bond with your child, and begin to set future goals." Sessions must be started during week one of the eight week cycle. Sessions cost $30-$40 and are located at Zucker's office, 3325 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Florida. Register at www.lisazucker.com/register

Information from "Psychology Today" was used in this article: https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/?tr=Hdr_Brand For more information about home health care Fort Lauderdale, visit our services page.

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