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SafetyChoice® Pill Dispenser System

A simple and affordable answer to preventing medication mistakes

If your loved one has a difficult time with medications, more specifically taking them on time or in the correct dosage, the SafetyChoice pill dispenser system will allow them to keep on track. It’s an easy to use system, and because of its simplicity, it will help prevent any medication errors that could cause problems for your loved one.

The unit is economical, as it is able to hold up to 60 medication cups, and each cup is capable of holding 20-25 pills and supplements. When it comes to scheduling, the device has a variety of available schedules and doses for every day of the week. It organizes, reminds, and tracks the delivery of prescription medications, and the dispensing button is easy to see, therefore it’s virtually effortless to have your loved one use the system.


  • The system plugs into an already existing phone line
  • It has a notification system for missed doses
  • The system has a 12 hour battery backup system in case of a power failure
  • There’s a locking storage compartment which keeps medications safe and secure.
  • There is even a friendly voice and text message system that helps to alert your loved one of the dispensing time

In-Home Consultation

Comfort Keepers® assesses your safety needs and recommends the perfect product for you. Comfort Keepers will visit your home, work with your family, and determine the specific needs while also demonstrating the care products to help seniors stay safe and independent.

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