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Medical Alert Consoles

The process of caring for a loved one goes beyond helping with the day to day activities of their lives. In fact, independence plays a large part in any care, and you want to make sure that even in situations without a caregiver present, that your loved one has the help they need.

Medical alert consoles are there to keep your family member in contact with an experienced and caring support team when they need it. These consoles are also called the Personal Emergency Response Systems or PERS.

These are small units that go on tabletops and connect out our SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station. PERS connect to a monitoring station utilizing landlines or cellular phones. They essentially perform as a hub for other alert systems that exist in the home, be they pendants or bracelets.

A Friendly Voice When They Need it Most

If your loved one faces an emergency, all they will need to do is press a button, and the PERS immediately becomes a hands-free speakerphone system. These stations connect with our monitoring stations, which are staffed by highly-trained professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When a call is received, we will connect your loved one with one of our staff members who will act as a friendly voice in their time of need. They will stay on the line with your family member until help arrives, and depending on the situation they will dispatch the proper help, be it neighbors, family members, or emergency personnel.

For additional peace of mind, the systems can be connected to smoke monitors and motion detectors.

Advanced Alzheimer’s and Dementia Monitoring

In cases where your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, the PERS has advanced monitoring options. Floor mats and window and door alarms alert you to any movement during the wee hours of the morning. Some systems allow you to even record messages with a familiar voice to provide that anchor until help arrives.

Find the best monitoring system for you. At Comfort Keepers®, we have a wide range of PERS consoles that allow you to find the system with the features that suit your needs. Learn more about the available systems below:

Medical Alert Consoles

  • PERS with Caregiver Connect

This unit comes with the ability to add a stationary HELP speaker button, a waterproof two-way voice pendant that has connectivity up to three acres from the base itself.

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  • PERS G4000 Emergency Alert Console

This is an affordable model of the medical alert consoles that works with monitoring bracelets. The PERS G4000 has a battery backup to keep your loved one connected, regardless if they lose power.

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  • PERS G2000 Console

The G2000 console has the ability to manage up to 16 different devices, including bracelets, window monitoring systems and more! Record up to eight separate reminders for things like taking pills.

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  • PERS LM5000 with 2-Way Voice Pendant

This is our line of consoles that are perfect for active seniors or those who go outside often. It has range of up to 500 feet from the base. The special two-way pendant connects them with someone regardless if they are loved one or not.

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  • PERS G1150 Console

The OERS G150 is one of or more advanced tools for advanced home monitoring. It’s best in smaller places, and allows you to manage up to twenty-four devices all at one time.

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  • GSM PERS Console

The last of our lines has a cellular emergency response system and is a great option for those seniors who don’t have a traditional landline. The system also connects to a mobile service to the emergency assistance.

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In-Home Consultation

Comfort Keepers® will look at your safety needs and give you a recommendation on which product to choose. We visit the home, work with the family, and figure out what the best fit is for you by demonstrating the products available.

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